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Harshdeep Khatke

I'm Harshdeep Khatke, software engineer and work as a Python developer by profession. I'm always eager explore new technologies and ideas. I Have started my career in IT 3 years back ...read more

Professional Summary:

  • I'm a Software Engineer, have completed a Bachelor of Engineering from RGPV in the 2017 batch.
  • Have been working for last two and half years and have worked in different domains which are listed below.
  • I'm a self-starter and always ready to handle multiple responsibilities.
  • Can handle multiple projects by self & with the team and make productive results from them.
  • Always eager to learn new technologies and ideas which can help in my work.
  • I can handle the agile/scrum software development Project.
  • Dedicated to learning core depth, interested in solving Logical programming problems, facing challenges & targets.
  • Interested to explore more on AI.

Started the journey in mid-2017, till now he had managed many projects, roles & responsibility. Below are list languages, technologies, server and server tools, database & DBMS and miscellaneous on which I have experience and familiar with:

Language / Technologies:
  • Django Framework.
  • Django Rest Framework (DRF).
  • Django Test cases & Coverage.
  • Familiar with JavaScript, Angular 7, React JS.
  • Familiar with Web scraping, Data analysis, Selenium scripting, Beautiful soup.
  • Familiar with digital marketing - SEO and Google Analytics.
Server and Server-side tool:
  • Familiar with AWS (ec2; S3, ECS, EBS, RDS, AWS Lambda, AWS Docker).
  • Familiar with Docker.
  • Familiar with Digital Ocean Droplets.
  • Familier with Heroku.
  • Familier with Domain purchasing & hosting like - Godaddy.
Project Management Repository & Tool:
  • Familiar with GIT, Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab.
  • Familiar with Trello, Asana, Jira
Database/Database Management:
  • SQL, MySQL, SQLite
  • NoSQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB (Atlas)


Software Engineer
BestPeers Infosystem, Indore

June 2017 - Present

As Software developer I have worked on Python web developement framework like - Django, Django rest. As a growing edge in company I got chance to explore new language in respect of project requirements. So, I made handon experience on some frontend languages too like - Angular & React JS. Handle multiple projects and team as well.


Projects will upload soon...

About Me:

Hi there,

I'm Harshdeep K. passionate software developer, and a freak of new technology, alway eager explore. learn more and execute soon. I Have started my career in mid-2017, when Python reach to the peak of all technology I started learning it, later this I was a JAVA Developer, I had done internship and projects on Java before.

In Software development, I started work with Python, Django & Django rest. Later this I started working on Angular, React and other javascript frameworks. I have also explored the e-commerce platform called Shopify and Saleor. Genuinely I'm not an expert of these listed languages but familiar & sharing what I know all about.

Nowadays I'm working and exploring new tech. called Data Analysis, Data Science. Feel free to contact me I'm always available on all handles but most probably on LinkedIn. Come in-network make the connection.

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